MW3 versus BF3

Here is the new Black Tuesday Video from MW3.  (13 min)

Here is the Battlefield 3 original trailer (12 min)

Here are the new videos for Battlefield 3 with new mission videos and a multiplayer video.


Enjoy and let me know what you think fellas.


Quaker Oaks Baby

* JBDG Event Notice *

January 2, 2009
Quakers Challenge

Pinchot Park

Tee off at
8:30 AM
One Round
No pre-round breakfast


Pinch Me

* JBDG Event Notice *
December12, 2009
Boulder Woods
Pinchot Park
Tee off at 8:30 AM
One Round
No pre-round breakfast


JED Part Duex

The holidays are past..

There is white stuff on the ground...

and it is cold as flippin hell outside...

It must be time to start getting ready for the next season of JED Bros disc golf.

Keep on the look out for emails and posts for start dates (late January/early February).

See all you chuckleheads soon!


Still Round

Yes we are still playing but the database has been down and scores are piling up awaiting entry to whatever system we use.

Oh and Clay we are still waiting for that West Chester report.


Super JED

Congrats to Mr. Dave for being the first JED Bros to enter an "official" PDGA tourney! But wait.... there's more!!! Not only did Dave have a good showing, he also became a video star. We all knew he could act but who knew he had a face for the camera.

Watch the video closely, especially around the 1:48 mark and never mind the llama shirt because as Dave said in his own words, he is still a JED Bros at heart.

Congrats Dave and thank goodness you made that putt!


Buch Yeah!

* JBDG Event Notice *
April 19, 2008
D.F. Buchmiller Park
Tee off at ?? AM
One or Two Rounds
No pre-round breakfast