MW3 versus BF3

Here is the new Black Tuesday Video from MW3.  (13 min)

Here is the Battlefield 3 original trailer (12 min)

Here are the new videos for Battlefield 3 with new mission videos and a multiplayer video.


Enjoy and let me know what you think fellas.


jrmarkle said...

Third try at this. I like the graphics and gameplay features I think more on the side of Battlefield 3. MW3 hasn't really changed anything with their gameplay or screen view over the series and should probably look at changing something in the future to draw in more people. I feel that Battlefield 3 will draw away some of the MW crowd.

Dr.Y said...

I concur. MW3 looks a lot alike CODBO but have heard that MW3 is good for those wanting a simple run and gun without much pressure. Whereas, BF3 gives larger more interactive environments and focuses more on squad/team play. So I guess it will be a player preference sort of thing.